Frequently Asked Question

Frequently Asked Questions

residenceadvisor is a specialized website dedicated to rent residential Iran & turkey.
Here are the common questions that users have been asking us And we have put together all of them here for you.

1- Is it possible to cancel reservation?

If you Notice us 1 week before the reservation date, 15% is deducted and the remaining amount will be refunded.
If you Notice us 48 hours before the date of reservation, the amount will be reduced by 50% and the rest will be refunded.
Otherwise, the Cancellation is not allowed and your money will not refunded.

2- Will the animals be allowed to enter these furnished residential?

Due to respect for the opinions of other Neighbor or the observance of sanitary regulations, this is depended to owner.
Make sure you do this before making a reservation.

3- What time is the hour of arrival and departure to this furnished apartment?

The entrance hours to all furnished apartments and furnished suites are 2 pm and 12 noon for exit. If you want to arrive in the apartment before this hour, you must book the home from 1 day before. Also, if you want to stay in the apartment after 12:00, you must pay half the cost of one day.

4- What are the terms of a furnished apartment reservation?

Details of the conditions depend on the type of residential , the price of that and its owner is different. Please contact our representatives for information.

5- What are the ways of communicating with residenceadvisor?

6- What happened if the owner of the house request to cancel the reservation?

In this case, a better apartment reserved for you and the owner should return money plus fines.

7- What should a traveler do if he intends to extend his stay?

In order to extend the booking days, you have to coordinate with the operator of the site, and if it will possible you should pay money and stay in home.

8- How can I find a furnished apartment in accordance with my needs?

our agents introduce the best furnished suites according to the wishes of the client.

9- What documents should travelers have?

They must have their identity documents and, if you are traveling with family, confidential documents must be certified by the host.

10- What is the maximum capacity of the furnished suites?

The suites are usually for 2,3 or 6 person. Also, some of our suites are suitable for high capacity tourist tours.


Frequently Asked Questions

What questions are in your mind about residenceadvisor?

Is the entry of pets allowed to these furnished apartments?

In order to respect the beliefs of all respectable residents, the entry of pets into these furnished flats is not permitted.
but there are several Pet care center close to this furnished apartment.

What time is the arrival and departure of this furnished apartments?

The time of arrival at this furnished home is 2 pm and the departure time is 12:00 noon.
if you want to stay in unit more, you should pay Half the price of 1 night.

Is there a metro station and taxi station close to these furnished apartments?

Yes, the nearest metro station to this apartment is osman bey station. it's distance to taxi station is about 100 meters.
Also, the distance from this apartment to the airport is about 10 minutes.

Can I cancel my reservation before arrival?

If your reservation is canceled one week before the date you book, 15% of the amount will be deducted and the rest will be refunded.
However, if you want to cancel your booking 48 hours before the date you book, your money will not be refunded.

Who are our site's contacts?

If you want to rent a property or buy a property, by registering with this system, you will be offered to our estate consultants and instead of having to spend a lot of time visiting the housing agencies, our advisers will reach you to the outcome. The final will follow your request.

how can I contact residenceadvise?

You can choose your consultant to contact our advisers from agent list, call us or :
or :

booking requirements

Easier than what you think
With just a few simple tasks, you can easily book your furnished home wherever you want.
Visit the site and select the desired furnished apartment

You can easily find your furnished apartment on our website. Just select the city you want to go to, and then all furnished units in that city will be shown to you.
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Contact our advisers and declare your arrival date
pay booking fee and sending payment information
Receive entry permition

preferential features in residenceadvisor

What made us the best?

Renting and selling furnished apartments in all cities of Turkey

In residenceadvisor we can offer the best furnished residential for you, with many years experiences in rental furnished apartment in turkey.
our professional staff and expert advice, help you to find whatever you want

24-houre responsibility

in residenceadvisor We are ready to help you find the best furnished apartments wherever cities that you want in {TURKEY}.
just call us, so we can guide you how to stay in Turkey or where should you go for have a nice trip.

The Beautiful locations of turkey

we always try to offer the furnished residences that are in best locations of beautiful cities of turkey.
All our furnished apartments have very beautiful views and make your short stay too memorable.

Great access to shopping malls

The furnished residential complexes provided by us have best access to Important centers, and have short distance to shopping malls & stores.this furnished apartment are close to public transportation stations &Traveling in city is easy.

Luxury apartments with full furnishings

In all furnished apartments provided by residenceadvisor, there are all the necessary supplies for short stay. All of these are very luxurious and have best quality. We strive for this point that you dont need anything when you are staying in our furnished residential.

Rent permition from 1 day to 1 year

you can rent our furnished apartment in turkey from 1 day to 1 year based your need.
We offer you different furnished apartments with different conditions, you can choose one of them according to your requirements and the length of time you want to stay in Turkey.

How is the booking process ?

After visiting site or consulting with advisers, if you are planning to book or buy a furnished apartment, you must contact our experts and say your arrival date to informed about availability of furnished apartment you are looking for. Then, after paying the required amount, the exact address and authorization for entry will be sent to you.










about residenceadvisor

residenceadvisor is a professional group for rent & sale residential & real estate where ever you want in beautiful cities of turkey.








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This post is also available in: arArabic

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