terms & conditions

terms & conditions

1- residenceadvisor website (www.residenceadvisor.com) is subject to the laws. Membership to this site as well as the entry of information contrary to these rules will be blocked or deleted without prior notice. Our website is not obliged to explain why.

2- The lease of all cases is possible only with the identification of documents and, in particular, the confidentiality of individuals. Similarly, the residenceadvisor Office is separate from the lease of all properties for the purpose of holding ceremonies such as birthday parties and parties that are against ethical.

3- In the case of the property that ``residenceadvisor`` owns, the time of delivery of the property is at 14 pm and the time of exit is 12 noon.

4- The host is required to obtain permissions from the Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization, to rent NGO sites and other references and to place them at the public display.

5- It is imperative to observe the ethical principles of society as well as the observance of personal and social health by the passenger during the rental period. It is also necessary for travelers that travel to any city committed to the custom of the area (such as hijab, music during the late hours of the night or carrying pets...). These items must be notified to the traveler by the host before booking.

6- The purpose of residenceadvisor site is to help the development of the tourism and tourism industry and help to generate income for people from this industry during the acquaintance with the culture of different tribes.

7- The actual price is required for the property and it is not permitted to obtain any surplus amount on the amount stated on our website (or agreed amount) by the host of the traveler under any heading, such as commission, brokerage, etc.

8- Pets are not allowed to enter the property for rent with the passenger. Unless they host a separate, out-of-home space for keeping pets in their possession.

9- In the case of the time of delivery, the amount of the deposit, the terms of reservation, and the cancellation of the reservation (consignment or cancellation) are agreed upon between the host and the passenger and residenceadvisor website does not interfere in this agreement.

10- residenceadvisor Website is allowed to remove any advertisement, message or image that is sent to it or its account and information related to it at any time.

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